Agricultural production


The main activity of the company is agricultural production. In the area of Baranja we approximately cultivate 2,800 hectares of agricultural land, which is partially owned and partially leased.

Our agricultural production is based on crops like cereals and oilseeds, namely: barley, wheat, corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet and oilseed rape.

For cultivation of agricultural land, Fermopromet d.o.o. applies the latest technologies and resources in order to achieve maximum yields. We use modern machinery and accessories in tillage, sowing and harvesting of agricultural products.

Investments in the modernization of machinery is one of the priorities of the company.

Center of agricultural production is located in Bolman, Sava Kovacevic 68.





The Company owns silos for reception, drying and storage of grain at the following locations:
-Majške Međe – 18.000 t
-Popovac – 6.000 t
-Kneževi Vinogradi – 6.000 t
-Darda – 6.800 t
-Bolman- 10.000 t

-Pik Moravica, Stara Moravica –16.000 t, floor storage of 4.000 t, 5.000 t dehydrator and bunker silos 24.000 t

These silo capacities are sufficient for drying and storage of our own agricultural products and for the purposes of receipt of agricultural products from other farmers, our cooperators. Position of our silos are accessible for farmers- producers of agricultural products in Baranja.

Cooperation and trading


The Company finances farmers- cooperators and companies from Slavonia and Baranja with materials for agricultural production (seeds, fertilizer, fuel, plant protection products).

The company has been present here in the agricultural and cooperative relations for long, and is one of the largest producers and agricultural distributers in Baranja. For the farmers we offer all the expert help of counselling in technological procedures and cultivating of the soil for growing grains and oilseeds, we purchase seeds, fuel, fertilizers and pesticides and also we do services of drying and storage of finished agricultural products. Agricultural production must be constantly improved so we often organize lectures and symposiums.

Our company buys up agricultural products from our farmers-contractors and further we sell them on the Croatian market, the EU market and also outside the EU.

Fermopromet d.o.o. is a reliable and stable business partner on the market due to the experinced managment.