loviste-malalogotip-lovisteHunting in Podravlje Baranja Fermopromet d.o.o. has in its long concession in Podravlje XIV / II. located in Baranja and it extends over 9,200 hectares.
Parts of the forest largely resemble of the jungle, and the main types of wood are: local and EAT poplar, white willow, ash and oak.

Hunting-grounds are of one of the best habitats of deer in Croatia. The proof for quality of genetic characteristics of our deer and our long-term investments is the best trophy in the history of this deer hunting area, estimated at 240.48 CIC’s points. The record of that is made in the hunting year of 2005/2006. which is topped by the trophies with 245.23 CIC’s points, and later with the trophy 247.54 CIC’s points. In addition to deer, the main basis of investments make significant populations of wild boar and some deer. Among many birds in the hunting ground, here some of strictly protected species regularly nes, such as the white-tailed eagle and black stork.

pic1In order to make our guests feel comfortable, we reconstructed the house in Židopustara, which is located in the heart of hunting grounds, surrounded by centuries-old plane trees along the avenue next to the lake where there is a possibility of recreational fishing.