About us

Fermopromet d.o.o. company was founded in 04.04.1990. and it was registered at the Commercial Court in Osijek at number MBS: 030020445. It is owned by Hubert Kispal.

The main activity of the company is agricultural production. In the area of Baranja we approximately cultivate 2,800 hectares of agricultural land, which is partially owned and partially leased.

The Company has our own silos for grain storage situated on the following locations: Majške Međe, Popovac, Kneževi Vinogradi, Darda and Bolman - total capacity of 46,800 t.

Change of working hours of pharmacy for agricultural products in Kneževi Vinogradi

We notify our customers about the change of working hours in Kneževi Vinogradi:

Working hours are

07.00  to 14.00  starting from  June 23rd, 2015

Management Majške Međe

Activity: crop production, storage of grains and oilseeds, cooperation, transport, trade, hunting.
The storage capacity of the silo in Majške Međe, 18,000 t

Zmaj Jove Jovanovića 11, Majške Međe
31 324 Jagodnjak
Republika of Croatia

Owner and CEO – dipl.ing. Hubert Kišpal
Board Member for Finance and Accounting, Vice President- dipl.oec. Drago Adžić
Board member for production and procurator companies in Serbia – dipl.ing. Siniša Ćuk

Tel: +385 (0)31 746 222
Fax: +385 (0)31 746 092
E-mail: info@fermopromet.hr
Web: www.fermopromet.hr


Category: storage of grains and oilseeds. The storage capacity of 6,800 t.

I .Krstitelja 9
31 326 Darda

Tel/fax: +385 (0)31 741 210


Silo and agricultural pharmacies KNEŽEVI VINOGRADI
Category: storage of grains and oilseeds, retail. Storage silo capacity of 6,000 t.

Glavna ul. 182.
31309 Kneževi Vinogradi

Tel/fax: +385 (0)31 730 194

Agricultural pharmacy
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 07-14 hours
Contact:Tel/fax: +385 (0) 31 733 888
email: karolina@fermopromet.hr



Category: storage of grains and oilseeds. Storage silo capacity of 6,000 t.
I.L.Ribara bb.
31303 Popovac

Tel/fax: +385 (0)31 728 293


Activity: crop production, at the foot of storage capacity of 10,000 t.
Save Kovačevića 68
31323 Bolman

Tel/fax: +385 (0)31 746 091



The basic activities of the company is  agricultural production, cattle growing, production and processing of seeds and the production of electricity from biogas, wholesale of seed, fertilizers and plant protection products and also storage of grains and oilseeds (silos).

The storage capacity of the silo PIK Moravica Stara Moravica  16,000 t floor storage of 4,000t 5,000 t dehydrator and bunker silos 24,000 t.

The Company cultivates 4,500 hectares of agricultural land. Our property are 2,700 hectares of which about 1,000 hectares is under irrigation system. Apart from agricultural production, PIK Moravica also has a farm in the capacity of 2,000 heads of cattle. We also produce electricity from biogas in the capacity of 2 MW built in 2016.

Somborski put bb
24 340 Stara Moravica
The Republic of Serbia

Procurator – dipl.ing. Siniša Ćuk

Tel: +381 (0)24 741 163
Fax: +381 (0)24 741 591

E-mail: office@pikmoravica.rs
Web: www.pikmoravica.rs